Lead generation with FB Messenger – eBook


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Here is what you can learn from this eBook:

Tip #1: Customer FAQ’s

Tip #2: Automated Greeting

Tip #3: Casual Conversation Vs. Shop Button

Tip #4: Finding Your Audience

Tip #5: Promoting Your Chatbot

Tip #6: Educate Customers

Tip #7: Security

Tip #8: Design A Chatbot Character

Tip #9: Combine With Facebook Live

Tip #10: Include Send Message In Ads



Ignite your inbound leads with the help of our Facebook Ads Ebook. These are the simple steps we actually applied and generating daily new inbound pre-qualified sales leads.

Who is this for?

  • Any company or business wishes to generate inbounds leads
  • Any eCommerce business striving hard for conversions
  • Any individual who wishes to learn lead generation using Facebook

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